03. The 380CS/HS can accurately measure flow and temperature differential to compute energy. - Our technical team will assist you with services such as Btu Meter installation , Billing & Collections to … It is an ideal choice to integrate with a wide range of applications in HVAC, heating/cooling energy distribution. 2. … The AUF will be equipped with clamp-on transducers to meet various application challenges. The Armstrong Ultrasonic Portable Flowmeter (AUP) hand held unit is the most compact yet powerful flow/BTU meter on the market. CONSULTING SERVICES. BTU meters are used in chilled water systems even when the usage is in office buildings. Post navigation. BTU (Energy) Meters Overview. BTU 100 L is a versatile compact energy totalizer extremely useful for measurement of energy conversion. The main function of these meters is to bill the users in terms of energy usage. Facebook-f. Instagram. the BTU Meter can interface with many existing control systems. METER MAINTENANCE. Next. Fasten the two capative screws to attach the cover. Can be mounted on supply pipeline or on return pipeline, and can be mounted in either horizontal or vertical direction. Read More. The integrated flow and temperature sensors along with the internal metering components make installation and commissioning easy. Find here online price details of companies selling BTU Meter. BTU METER Installation Operation 1. Installation a. Flowmeter Match the arrow on the flowmeter housing to the direction of water Connection: 1) Please strictly connect the wires as per indication, otherwise will damage the Any ONICON flow meter may be used wtih the System-10 BTU Meter. Whether it is heat transfer from central heating / cooling plants to individual users in societies or shopping malls, or heat transfer flows in industrial processes, measuring and totalising Energy Flow is made easy by using our BTU Meter. Install pluggable connector with ultrasonic and temp sensor to pipe. B. BTU Meter Back Plate BTU Meter 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 1/4" 1/4" 4" 7/16" 5 1/2" 3 1/2" 5 1/4" 2 3/4" 3 1/2" 3/4" ISTEC 2. with longer wiring for flexible installation but no affect in accuracy. The accuracy and reliability of these BTU meters is highly improved when they are combined with Emicool. This meter accurately measures flow and temperature differential to compute energy and can interface with many existing control systems. By implementing the CMAG flow meter as part of the HEATX-2 BTU meter System, users remove the most inaccurate component of the system and in turn now have the highest accuracy volumetric flow device available for measuring energy usage. 3) Forbid installing at air-conditioning water shaft or oil dirt environment. MULTICAL® 602, type 602-A/B/C can be connected to flow sensor type ULTRAFLOW®, electronic pick-up, or flow sensors with reed switch output. The BTU meter display shares the same electronics platform and configuration architecture as the HEATX Energy / BTU Meter, providing the end user the same look and feel for either device. GENERAL MAINTENANCE. HOW IT WORKS An ultrasonic flowmeter is a clamp on style flowmeter that uses The BTU meter is a combination of various sensors and a calculator. 05. Techem offers a comprehensive range of BTU meters, all specially designed for flexible reading and billing at cooling circuits. Dimensions A. Flowmeter - see Page 8 for details. We offer a wide range of BTU Meter. Onicon is a leader in HVAC BTU Flow Metering with a range of products including turbine meters, vortex meters, electromagnetic meters, thermal mass flow meters, and clamp-on ultrasonic meters as well as BTU meters and display modules. The Badger Meter 380 Series BTU meters provide an inexpensive solution to monitoring thermal energy consumption in cold or hot water systems. M54131 BTU Meter H2O Degree BTU Meters include both a BTU meter and flow sensor that monitor and record two temperatures, the temperature difference and the flow rate in order to determine BTU consumption. BTU Meter Installation Overview. Several different types and models are available to fit almost any application, including hydronic heating and/or cooling, solar thermal, geothermal, water-source heat pump and co-generation. We believe in creating new opportunities within the energy management sector by delivering innovative products and services. 06. 4 Working Principle AKE BTU meter measures heating/cooling usage according to Heat Exchange Principle: As energy-conveying liquid ( water or other liquid) passes through the system piping, flowmeter measures the instantaneous flow velocity ‘q’ and temperature sensors test Insertion turbine flow meter shown. 3. Installation: 1) BTU Meter should be installed at waterproof environment. Meter installation for such units is expected to be completed by 17th of May 2016. Regarding this … To ensure correct use of the meter, please read this manual thoroughly. BTU Meter Installation Overview. Provides 24 VDC at 200 mA to electronics and flow meter Wiring: Use 18-22 ga - see flow meter specification Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice. SECTION 4 - DIMENSIONS & INSTALLATION II. Twitter. This meter includes a pair of temperature sensors, an inline ultrasonic flow sensor, and local/remote display. H2O Degree 3580 Progress Drive, Suite L Bensalem, PA 19020 (215) 788-8485 [email protected] TYPICAL SYSTEM-10 INSTALLATION Our Vision . It measures the thermal energy required for air conditioning. The main advantage of the Series 380 BTU meters is the cost savings over other systems offered … ONICON continually delivers comprehensive solutions for all our customers’ flow and BTU measurement needs. H2O Degree Reporting Solutions. 3. Techem BTU meters . It accepts 3 inputs, each one from a flow meter for chilled water, inlet temperature sensor and the outlet temperature sensor. Regarding this … Why Submeter Water? Chilled water pipe installation Highraised apartment building Working pressure : 5.5 bar? 04. Internal high capacity 3.6V lithium battery. Page 1 Installation and User Guide for MULTICAL® 602 & ULTRAFLOW® www.kamstrup.com...; Page 2 MULTICAL® 602, type 602-A must be connected to a temperature sensor pair type Pt100. Intellimeter ultrasonic compact energy meter is used for measuring the energy consumption in Heating/cooling applications. Logic Utilities - Btu Meter Installation, Maintenance & billing. Using either BACnet or Modbus RS-485 communications protocols or a scaled pulse output, the BTU Meter can interface with many existing control systems. BTU Meters Installation BTU meter is a measuring device for the physically correct recording of the cooling/heating energy consumption. System-40-BTU Meter Installation and Operation Guide 06/16 - 2018 / 35870 Page 2 SAFETY INFORMATION This meter was calibrated at the factory prior to shipment. The Armstrong Ultrasonic Flowmeter (AUF) is designed to be installed at a fixed location for long-term flow measurement on a closed pipe, carrying pure liquids or liquids with some suspended particles. The utilization of our proprietary technologies, such as ultrasonic signal processing, signal quality tracking, and self-adaptation as well as high density electronic design, allows the device to measure liquid flow, temperature and thermal energy The Cadillac® BTU / Energy Meter installation is illustrated in the diagram below. BTU Meter Technical Information. 2) Environment humidity can’t over 95%, temperature 0 ℃-50 ℃. Battery for replacement: Kamstrup type 66-00-200-100. We are the best manufacturer of BTU meter in India. Features of the BTU meters and Techem's service: Flow direction recognition using special flow sensor mechanisms; Enhanced with installation and commissioning diagnostic display feature BTU METERS With the prices of Energy rising day by day, measurement of thermal energy flow has become very critical. Flowmeter, BTU Meter & Wells 1. Put the white enclosure to the pipe to fit the female and male pins, fas-ten the 2 scews to install it. One temperature sensor is built into the flow sensor, which means less installation work, and the BTU meter can be configured on site, which secures that the installer will always have the right meter at … System-20-BTU Meter Installation and Operation Guide 10/17 - 2051 / 36985 Page 2 SAFETY INFORMATION This meter was calibrated at the factory prior to shipment. BTU (British Thermal Unit) meters installation project commenced in March.Installation work is almost complete with only few apartments remaining where major modification or apartment access is needed. Next. Thermostat Monitoring Products. Previous. By suzyabbott In BTU System Overview Posted May 2, 2019. BTU METER INSTALLATION. To ensure correct use of the meter, please read this manual thoroughly. The device supports pipe sizes from ½" through 2½" with flow rates ranging from 0.03 to 250 gallons per minute (GPM). The Series 380 BTU meter is an all-in-one energy usage package for monitoring hydronic heating or cooling systems. ONLINE PAYMENTS. The Series 380 BTU Systems provide a low cost system for metering cold or hot systems. BTU meter is used for accurate measurements of the thermal energy of chilled water consumption in British thermal units (BTU), a basic measure of thermal energy for commercial and Residential buildings. The rugged design incorporates an impeller flow sensor and two temperature probes. Scylar Model 5202S System Overview ISTEC’s BTU meters, also referred to as energy meters, are ideal for all sub-metering and performance verification applications. BTU Meter. With the MULTICAL 302 BTU meter extra care has been taken with regard to an easy installation process. Previous. These Commercial BTU Meter and Industrial BTU Meter include: temperature range, environment or flow temperature, temperature sensor type, differential temperature accuracy, battery life, working current, and hibernating current. This BTU meter display is a rate and totalizing device, which is capable of calculating and displaying Volume, MASS, and Energy. Linkedin. Download a PDF Copy. Get info of suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, traders of BTU Meter for buying in India. Features. The BTU meter comprises of a volumetric flow meter, two permanently attached temperature sensors and a calculator, which calculates the energy consumption from the flow rate and temperature difference. The rugged design incorporates an impeller flow sensor and two ... help simplify installation and save time. Consult with ONICON for additional flow meter types.