Remote control spoilt, then I ask one of the lighting shop they said approximately RM60 to fix the remote control. ", Step 3: Use a pen to slide the buttons to match the receiver’s frequency. ELMARK APB10 AREAS OF APPLICATION Kitchens, Showers, Bathrooms, Utility spaces OPTIONS: • Back flow preventing- fan is equipped with a valve • Equipped with PVC ring for stable fixing of the fan towards the mounted surface - hollow walls, suspended ceilings, furniture flat surfaces, glassings and etc. Most serve as light switches as well as turning on the fan and adjusting its speed. Locate and remove the small panel covering your dip switches. Sense N Bedeck Ceiling & Wall Fan Remote Control. I was so frustrated the fan cost me nearly $600 and within a year I have to fork out $100 to service. This is more likely to affect you if you live in an apartment or a townhouse. Tip: Your ceiling fan may be having a problem separate from the remote control. Check that the fan blades are not cracked/damaged. If necessary, place fresh batteries in the remote control, close the cover and test the control. Use the circuit breaker to turn the power back on. This remote is loaded with huge of fan compatible brand code. Many fans have ranges of more than 40-feet, but to test one, be sure to bring the control within 10- or 20-feet of the fan. I am having the same problem. As in the previous step, use a pen or screwdriver to slide the buttons to match the frequency of the ceiling fan receiver. Please fill in the form and we will do our best and arrange a servicing request for you ASAP. Step 1: Locate the receiver and identify the dip switch settings, which should resemble four sliding buttons. ft.), Large Rooms – Up to 20′ x 20′ (400 sq. Does the Ceiling Fan Remote Have Batteries? I registered for the online warranty. Turn of your fan using its dedicated remote control; Wait for 30 seconds before turning the fan on again. Use a small screwdriver or ballpoint pen to slide the buttons and create a new frequency combination. 2 years ago - 8,835 views . © 2000-2020 Home Depot Product Authority, LLC. Tip: If the ceiling fan has pull cord "on" switch, make sure it’s in the on position. Alpha Ceiling & Wall Fan Remote Control. However, please approach a certified technician to install your ceiling fan. They pride themselves in the number of products the carry, allowing Elmark to suit all stylistic needs and budgets. Mascot Ceiling & Wall Fan Remote Control. Just my 2 cents, NO to Elmark brand ", Step 5: Established in 1988, Top Distributor of Ceiling Fans in Singapore/Malaysia with After-Sales Services Record the dip switch setting. Yes, you can. This app produces IR signals that have been tested on a small sample of ceiling fans, and as such, the app is not guaranteed to interface properly (or at all) with your fan; though, I urge you to try it out regardless - it's free! If two or more ceiling fans have the same frequency they can be controlled by either fan’s remote, which can have a range of 40 to 50 feet. I am from Singapore but I bought from Malaysia, Is it under warranty? End up I buy a new fan cz the elmark fan i bought previously