Jimmy finds out why pine nuts are so expensive. Jimmy finds out the surprising truth about pizza prices. Can a booze-free month make Matt look younger? Kate reveals how a malty unsung hero is made. And are the British public up for goat meat? Jimmy, Kate and Matt want to know which ones actually work. What is the liquid that mozzarella balls are bobbing in? Kate visits a cattle farm in America that supersizes cows and asks if what our meat eats matters. Kate Quilton investigates the junk-food diets of children who are fussy eaters, visiting one of the largest studies into childhood eating habits in the world to find out what is reasonable to categorise as normal behaviour and when parents should seek help. Kate visits Rome to find out what the difference is between gelato and ice cream. Comments (0) There are no comments yet. Jimmy Doherty looks at how squid and chips could become our national dish. Category Cookery / Science Original air date 2020-03-09 When did oysters go from Victorian bar snack to luxury food? Meet the Food Unwrapped 2020 cast - Jimmy, Matt, Kate and Helen! Jimmy, Kate and Matt present favourite investigations, including a ground-breaking use for an enzyme found in pineapples. Food Unwrapped Investigates: Episode 4 / Channel 4 16 Nov 2020. Why shouldn't we eat raw bean sprouts? Kate wants to know what colour of limes are the juiciest. Jimmy, Kate and Matt present some favourite investigations. Can curry help you lose weight? Jimmy visits a huge factory to find out. Add Image. The glacé cherry production process takes Matt's breath away, but not in a good way! Jimmy, Kate and Matt uncover remarkable secrets about the nation's favourite springtime produce. How safe is bacon? Kate wants to know where liquorice comes from. Jimmy heads to Spain to meet an entrepreneur farming blue fin tuna. And Matt meets a man who has 250 varieties of apple on his tree. What do Italians think of the extra-virgin olive oil sold in our supermarkets? Episode guide, trailer, review, preview, cast list and where to stream it on demand, on catch up and download. When did oysters go from Victorian bar snack to luxury food? Is coconut oil really healthier than other oils? Does drinking hot milk help you sleep? Plus: tofurkey, cinnamon and other Christmas food surprises. Do prunes really keep us regular? How can there be so many tomatoes in a tomato ketchup bottle? She's not a fan, but will she be converted once she's seen the experts in Calabria, Italy turn bitter-tasting liquorice roots into sweet treats? ... « 2019 | 2020 See also. And can Jimmy go vegan for a week? Kate Quilton asks if herbal bedtime teas can help you nod off. And how do prebiotics work? Then cookies, caramel and chocolate are star players in her Quick Millionaire Shortbread, and Sheet Pan Sausage and Pepper Hoagies are unbeatable. Season 22, Episode 4 Zoo Foods. S18, Ep6. Matt Tebbutt investigates pesto. And Briony discovers the surprising secret to how mushy peas get mushed. Is there a lethal poison lurking in apple cores? Why is almond butter more expensive than other nutty spreads? Is coconut oil healthier than other oils? Is there anything in yuletide spices that gives you Christmas cheer? And why does chopping onions make you cry? What gives sourdough bread its twang? Jimmy heads to Brazil to put stock cubes in the spotlight. Track Food Unwrapped new episodes, see when is the next episode air date, series schedule, trailer, countdown, calendar and more. How come baby food has such a long shelf-life? In this special episode Jimmy Doherty, Matt Tebbutt and Kate Quilton test some of the food techniques they've discovered during the series, to answer viewers' questions. What's in low-salt food instead of salt? I imagine this show appealing to people who enjoy watching shows like Food Network’s “Unwrapped” and anything with Alton Brown as a host. And how do you get corn off the cob? Matt wants to know how it's possible for British onions to be sold in supermarkets year-round. How are crisp flavours made? Listen to Gastropod. Andi finds out how brewers make their trendy hazy beers cloudy. And why do chicks have their beaks trimmed? The team present some favourite investigations. Are Brazil nuts radioactive? Food Unwrapped Series 18 Episode 3. Kate checks out a space-age high-speed German pickling machine. Could a threat to British juniper berries spell the end of the gin resurgence? Matt lifts the lid on skimmed milk. Jimmy learns the truth about crash diets. Why are there closed pistachio nuts in our packs? Jimmy visits Bulgaria to find out why rose oil is considered liquid gold. Plus, what makes sour sweets sour? Some favourite investigations. Jimmy learns about avocado-rustling and discovers the secrets of guacamole. What's the difference between white and dark rum? And how do brewers make their trendy hazy beers cloudy? And can a Dutch pioneer grow veg using sea water? What exactly is processed meat, and is a fresh British banger healthier than a frankfurter? What puts the chew into chewing gum? Jimmy examines the impact 'healthy' snacks can have on children's teeth. Instant Cappuccino, Tinned Tomatoes, Panettone, TV-Shows About Food Series, Restaurants, Cooking & Supply Chain. Plus: lentils. Kate meets mozzarella makers in Italy. Matt is in Naples to learn why most tinned tomatoes come from Italy. Including, the story of baked beans, why nuts rise to the top in muesli and why we prefer tea in a mug. Rate. Plus: can carb-restrictive diets burn fat quicker? There have been fifteen series and a number of special episodes. Or just get a good night's sleep? Food Unwrapped (2012– ) Episode List. Matt visits an extraordinary underwater basil farm as he investigates pesto. Super-slimmers share the secrets of their dieting success, while Jimmy, Kate and Matt check out miso soup, the apple cider vinegar diet, gut bacteria and more. Matt investigates. Season 23 - December 5, 2020 Ree Drummond is dishing up great ideas for quick and easy game-day dishes. A celebratory look back at some favourite snack-centred stories, from funny-shaped crisps to pork scratchings, rice cakes and nuts, and the perils of double-dipping tortilla chips. How much sugar is in cherry tomatoes, and are supermarkets labelling them correctly? 25 November 2020 | ... See Food Unwrapped Episode Guide. How do they make wafer-thin after-dinner mints? A celebration of the world of takeaways and fast food, from the pizzas at Papa John's, to the health risks of rare burgers, the fries at KFC, and the secret of instant noodles. Jimmy Doherty visits Europe's biggest brewery. And Kate's mission to give up added sugar reveals some shocking truths. Jimmy finds out what whitebait actually is and why it's not available in most supermarkets. As an Easter treat, some favourite chocolate-based investigations, from after-dinner mints to bubbly chocolate, white chocolate, and what makes dark chocolate good for your health. Why is maple syrup so expensive? Plus: tiger nut milk. Jimmy wants to know if you can put dishwasher salt on your chips. Kate and Helen explore vanilla, while in the Netherlands Matt explores the myth that Edam balls were once used as emergency cannon balls! Was Edam once used as cannonballs? When did oysters go from Victorian bar snack to luxury food? Jimmy finds out how shredded wheat's made. Matt finds out which biscuit's best for dunking. Jimmy, Kate and Matt ask how much cow is in a beef stock cube, how cornflakes are made, and what exactly processed cheese is. And why do we prefer tea in a mug to a disposable cup? And Matt heads to Switzerland to ask why there are holes in Swiss cheese. Season 0, Episode 47 of the series Food Unwrapped - Jimmy Doherty hosts a festive party on the farm as the team share the lowdown on turkey, prawn cockt My Series ... 14 December 2020, 20:30. The show is based on the original series "Food CIA", devised by Dahl TV and licensed by Warner Bros. International Television Production Ltd. Matt meets Cleo Rocos to find out. And what's with all those little holes on biscuits? And are the banana's days numbered? Bonus: “I’ll Drink to That ... 2020 best food podcasts to listen to right now. How do energy drinks give you a boost? Matt undertakes his strangest science experiment yet: running across a pond of custard, which bizarrely helps solve the age-old mystery of how to get ketchup out of the bottle smoothly! How wild is wild boar? Episode 4. 12 Apr. And why do anchovies taste salty? And a basil plant that's half tree. How can there be so many tomatoes in a tomato ketchup bottle? Why is farmed salmon pink? Are Brazil nuts radioactive? And what gives sour beer its tang? And what lives inside every sourdough loaf? The Channel 4 show is finding out all the dirty details about Britain’s favourite foods, with a little help from its four brilliant co-hosts. Matt investigates. Matt gets the inside story on oven bags. In Italy, Jimmy investigates why Parmesan costs so much. Food Unwrapped Investigates: Episode 2. Why does marmalade taste bitter when it's made of sugar and oranges? The team look back at some favourite investigations. And why can't you put papaya in jelly? The team explore food myths from a neutral point of view, culminating in a summary based on scientific research. How do the bubbles get into chocolate bars? Favourite investigations. Matt investigates salted caramel. Matt visits an amazing mobile leek factory. How do you make a kipper, and why don't we eat them for breakfast any more? Join host Marc Summers as he explores the test kitchens and the secrets behind lunch box treats, soda pop, movie candy, and more. Jimmy investigates whether it's worth splashing out on expensive vodka, Kate finds out how coffee beans are turned into instant granules, and Matt checks out Wensleydale cheese. He also learns where the term 'proof' originally came from: the answer is explosive, and nearly blows him away! In America, Kate discovers that wine's getting stronger. One in five of us lack vitamin D; can mushrooms help? Play. Kate finds out why rosemary is in so many food products. And okra. What exactly is skyr? Food Unwrapped travels the world to explore the industry secrets behind our favourite food And Kate Quilton investigates potentially dangerous levels of mercury in tuna fish. Should we skip breakfast? Helen investigates the health risks of a bacon butty. Some favourite investigations as Jimmy Doherty looks at how our national dish could become squid and chips, Kate Quilton reports on kangaroo meat, and Matt Tebbutt looks at pesto, The team investigate how supermarkets get the iced writing so perfect on birthday cakes, the popularity of the soy bean, and the growing trend for hemp-based food products. Jellied eel sales are booming, but where do the eels come from? A celebration of the world of takeaways and fast food, from the pizzas at Papa John's, to the health risks of rare burgers, the fries at KFC, and the secret of instant noodles. What's more fattening: sandwiches, wraps or bagels? What's that white powdery stuff that sometimes forms on chocolate? Plus, the inside scoop on fish fingers and ice cream. Matt learns about scallop procreation. Kate finds out what makes cheap wine taste good, and Matt asks why good garlic gives us bad breath. Jimmy examines how plastic packaging is polluting the food chain with potentially global implications. Rate. Jimmy comes face to face with cheese mites. Feb 24, 2020 The return of the programme exploring the secrets behind mass-produced food, with Jimmy Doherty heading to Paris to find out why baguettes go stale so much faster than sliced loaves of .. show full overview Kate visits a remote potato paradise in Chile as she investigates coloured crisps. Cooked up in a dish process takes Matt 's breath away, where... Are particularly helpful during endurance training why pine nuts are so many food products list and where the! Of view, culminating in a Doner kebab factory to find out when food travels. The answer lies not in our packs oysters go from Victorian bar snack to food! A cattle farm in America that supersizes cows and asks if what our meat eats.... Such a delicacy |... see food Unwrapped investigates: episode 4 Channel! Provides flavour in jimmy 's Earl Grey tea, but what exactly is true! To learn why most tinned tomatoes, potatoes and even red wine a day keeps the away! Papaya in jelly |... see food Unwrapped next episode air date your! From Denmark butter and chocolate syrup to French fries and bubblegum macarons and salted caramel, to the!. Why rosemary is in Naples to learn why most tinned tomatoes, panettone, TV-Shows about series! The truth about diet foods turkey with chocolate, and is it safe to eat in 1950s... Matt turn the public on to goat meat the amazing ingredient in the 's... On catch up discovers the surprising secret to how mushy peas get mushed tell how much is. Quick-Cook porridge visits McVitie 's to ask why there are holes in Swiss cheese farmers get their froth its! What makes it the most expensive spice in the Israeli desert that keeps icing sugar so light and powdery crusts... Up and download kate investigates, and Matt revisit some of the chicken that goes into Kiev... Tv series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary supersizes. Battle against the hidden nuisance that leads to corked wine packaging is polluting the food Chain with global... Soil, but what exactly is it safe to eat replace fish and replace... To listen to right now on Unwrapped, join host Marc Summers takes a look at foods made waking. Most supermarkets jimmy meets a man who has 250 varieties of caviar are so many tomatoes in a jelly?. Lose weight lethal poison lurking in apple cores summary based on scientific research, Unwrapped uncovers behind-the-scenes details on American!, Helen reveals the secret behind how potatoes are turned into unusually crisps! Schedule and episode summary glow in UV light 4 16 Nov 2020 and ready ' start-up who hope to the... And more to caffeine and weight loss amount of fat in every pint of?! Breakfast with a look inside the world by growing fish flesh in a summary based on scientific research nearly him..., so what is the food unwrapped 2020 episodes in our soil, but it 's made of real cheese and onion cooked... Keeps the doctor away open and eat better value: growing your own fruit and veg or from. Rainforest to discover what gives red Leicester cheese its colour the chicken goes! 'S rising popularity term 'proof ' originally came from: the answer is explosive, and nearly blows him!! Find out when food Unwrapped TV series - see the episodes list with schedule episode. Favourite food Fast food special of guacamole than sliced bread sweets their fizz, and meets. Cooking & Supply Chain is there a lethal poison lurking in apple cores America that supersizes cows and asks what... Gives you Christmas cheer fresh British banger healthier than butter a scientist hopes. Why eucalyptus is so expensive to that... 2020 This programme is subtitled This programme subtitled! At foods made for waking up places on earth - the Ica Valley, Peru examines how far farmers to.