Air Quality Testing in Montreal

If you are concerned about the presence of indoor pollutants and allergens in your Montreal home, a simple air quality test can give you answers.

Our professional indoor air quality testing services identify some of the most common indoor air contaminants, including mold and fungal spores, asbestos, dust and pollen.

As one of Montreal’s oldest indoor air testing companies, we have over 15 years of experience and professional accreditation from the IICRC, NAMP and InterNACHI. We offer indoor environmental services for homes, offices, schools and commercial properties.

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Residential air quality testing

residential air quality testing montreal

Residential properties, new and old, are vulnerable to poor indoor air quality. Old homes are prone to moisture problems, mold and asbestos, while newer homes are built so airtight that they have high levels of VOCs and other chemicals released by off-gassing of furniture, paint and textiles.

Checking air quality in your home as part of routine home maintenance is one thing you can do to ensure a healthy living environment. A thorough home air check can give you peace of mind or alert you to a problem that you may not have been aware of.

We offer individual air quality tests for homes or complete home environment inspections that include:

  • Air sampling for mold and asbestos
  • Moisture measurements
  • Particle scan for PM2.5 to PM10
  • Identification of potential asbestos-containing materials (ACMs)
  • HVAC assessment to ensure systems are working properly
  • Infrared scans of areas vulnerable to moisture intrusion
  • Odour inspection

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Commercial air quality testing for office and workplace

Have any of your employees complained about odours, headaches, allergies and other health problems?

Poor IAQ has been shown to affect not just employees’ health but also their concentration and productivity.

According to Canadian occupational health and safety legislation, it is the employer’s duty to provide a safe and healthy workplace. Part of this responsibility is to ensure that the air inside the workplace is of good quality, free of any air pollutants and allergens. [1]

To avoid symptoms related to poor IAQ at work, employers should consider commercial air quality testing or a complete indoor air quality investigation of their office space.

These IAQ inspections have two goals:

  1. To measure indoor air quality in various sections of the office space.
  2. To pinpoint exactly where indoor pollutants or allergens are coming from.

Here’s what you can expect from our office and workplace air quality assessments:

  • An examination of the HVAC system
  • A thorough check for microbial and/or fungal contamination (e.g. black mold)
  • An assessment of the particle levels (PM2.5 - PM10 microns)
  • Identification of potential sources of indoor air pollution (biological and chemical)
  • Moisture, temperature and relative humidity readings
  • A thermographic scan of any areas vulnerable to moisture intrusion or heat loss
  • A check of all walls, ceilings and floors for water damage
  • Air quality testing from various areas within the office space
  • Recommendations for remedial action should it be necessary

By identifying the sources of poor IAQ, we can take more actionable steps towards improving indoor air quality. To book an office air quality test in Montreal, call 514-700-6838.


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