Indoor Air Quality Investigation

commercial air quality testing montreal

Commercial buildings are just as susceptible to mold contamination as residential properties; however, the amount of people at risk is much higher. If you fear that your building is contaminated with mold and bacteria, then, chances are, your indoor air quality is poor. In this case, poor indoor air quality needs to be taken care of immediately since you are responsible for everyone inside of the building.

You can book an indoor air quality investigation with We will immediately send one of our experienced technicians to evaluate the indoor air quality of your building by taking an air quality sample. Based on the results of this air quality investigation, he will then be able to make recommendations on how to remedy the problem.

Mold (Mould) Testing

Mold testing for commercial properties is very similar to mold testing for residential properties. The main purpose of getting mold testing is to identify the source of the contamination, the types of micro-organisms involved and the amounts in which each micro-organism is present.

Mold testing is fast, effective and the best way to combat mold. Based on the results of this mold testing, will be able to give you specific recommendations on how to eliminate the mold and prevent it from reappearing in the future.