Infrared Camera Testing

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Infrared camera testing is a new service offered by that provides a more convenient and less obtrusive way to determine whether or not you have mold or other bacteria in your space. Infrared camera testing uses thermal imaging to detect any living organisms present behind solid structures. This way, you can avoid unnecessary and costly damage and renovation to your building. is the first mold remediation company to offer infrared camera testing as part of its regular services. Many clients have already experienced the effectiveness and convenience of this method. If you are interested in booking an appointment for infrared camera testing, please contact

Mold (Mould) Assessment

Mold assessments simple, quick, inexpensive and most importantly, effective. It is a way for an experienced and knowledgeable mold technician to see firsthand how extensive the damage to your property is. From this mold assessment, the technician will be able suggest possible sources of the contamination and the most effective ways of disinfecting the space. Contact today to book your mold assessment.