Mold and Bacteria Sampling

indoor air quality montreal quebec works is through mold and bacteria sampling. Basically, we take a 75 L air specimen from the room in question. We then send this sample to an accredited lab where it will undergo numerous tests to identify exactly the type of micro-organisms present and amount of organisms.

Our mold and bacteria sampling method is the most effective way to identify exactly what steps need to be taken to remedy the problem. In some cases, mold and bacteria sampling reveals that you have very little to normal amounts of bacteria and mold in your home. If this is your case, then we would advise you to take precautions but not to undergo any extensive work. However, there are times when our mold and bacteria sampling reveal dangerously high levels of mold and bacteria.

In these cases, we strongly recommend disinfection and remediation by mold professionals to prevent potential health risks to you and your family.